About us

Who are we?

We are a group of musicians and singers who share a love of Folk and acoustic music.

The aims of the group are:

- to promote Folk and acoustic music

- to act as a respectful and encouraging audience to members

- to expand our knowledge and song repertoires

- to hone personal performance skills

- to sing and play for the enjoyment of ourselves and others

What is a Folk Circle?

What it is.

The Circle is a friendly, informal way to perform and enjoy performance from other singers.

The circle format brings everyone into a cosy, inclusive group that maximises engagement with the performer.


We don't have an "audience" - everyone joins the Circle, so that whether you choose to perform or 'pass' on that round, there is active involvement from everyone.

No sitting on the sidelines! :-)


The Circle encourages individual performance, but collaborations do arise naturally as performers choose to 'team up' on some songs, so expect to hear individual and shared songs.


Performers sometimes invite the Circle members to join in on a chorus or with a well-known song to add harmonies, but we respect the singer's right to choose to perform alone without anyone else joining in.


What it isn't!

The Circle offers something different - it is not a choir, a guitar group, an Open Mic, or a concert.